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Welcome to PizzaToken! 



What is PizzaToken? 
PizzaToken is a new NFT collection minted on the Ethereum blockchain, inspired by Laszlo Hanyecz, who bought 2 Papa John's pizzas for 10,000 BTC in 2010.

PizzaToken seeks to address a conceptual problem within cryptocurrency. As long as a cryptocurrency is valued in terms of fiat (i.e. USD), it can not truly exist as a decentralized store-of-value. Some consider crypto too volatile to actually be exchanged for goods and services. PizzaToken addresses this issue.

PizzaToken’s solution to these problems is to peg the minimum value of each token at a fixed rate of one PizzaToken to one large pizza. Each PizzaToken is a unique work of art, and may be bought, sold, traded, and speculated upon as such. But, no matter the current value of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or the local currency, a hungry owner of an original, blockchain authenticated PizzaToken will rest assured that they can always trade their PizzaToken in for a delicious pizza pie. 

How does this work?
PizzaTokens will be auctioned off with a reserve price above the cost of a large pie. For each PizzaToken sold, the PizzaToken foundation will hodl a portion of the proceeds in a secure wallet. The owner of a PizzaToken may redeem it at any time (instructions unlocked upon purchase), and, upon doing so, will be delivered one (1) large pizza. This process will become automated as smart contracts are written to interface with a pricing API via a custom oracle and to manage delivery through online ordering systems.

How do I buy PizzaToken?
The first PizzaToken collection launched as an NFT collection on Opensea on 5/22/2021, the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day. 

Who are the creators?
PizzaToken is the first offering from The PizzaToken Foundation, a brain trust dedicated to exploring the possibilities at the intersection of blockchain technology and Italian cuisine. The Foundation is Stefani DiMitrio, Nonna Rosa, Jubal de la Paz, and Natale Fortunato.

© 2021 The PizzaToken Foundation

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